Places To Visit If You’re A Science Geek

No matter how hard we try to deny it, deep inside we all have a nerd hidden who is just bursting to come out and show the world their true form. We all know the ways of the force and we all believe that winter is coming. All of us waited to find a world in our cabinets and waited for our Hogwarts letter as a kid. And we know that it did not come. However, like the wise say – just because it doesn’t exist does not mean it’s not real. And that is why we compiled for you a list of places, which you need to add to your bucket list, if you are a science geek. So grab some tickets from United Airlines today and fly to see these beautifully geeky places today.

1. Museo Galileo

Located in Florence Italy this place is something every single science geek and math fan should visit at least once in their life. This museum houses many ancient scientific artifacts from geniuses such as Galileo himself. Most of the instruments displayed here are actually one of a kind and were actually things that laid the foundations and paved the way for modern science as we know it today.

2. Aurora Borealis

Also known as the Northern lights, to gaze at this natural yet scientific phenomena people from all around the world fly to Norway. Norway which is probably one of the coldest countries in the world is an ideal place to see the northern lights that cause the whole sky to turn green due to the dispersion of sunlight. This concept though simple causes the night sky to light up and turn into a spectacular display containing rays of green, purple and sometimes red light. The view is absolutely breath taking.

3. Museum of Science and Industry

This museum located in Chicago, is like a heaven for anyone who loves and appreciates science in general. One of the most popular exhibits of this museum is the science of storms. This exhibit is basically used to fashion a show for the public that tells them about the natural phenomena and workings behind natural catastrophes such as Tornado, Hurricane or Avalanches.

4. The Smithsonian

Known all around the world as one of the best museums and the largest one as well – the Washington DC branch of Smithsonian is actually like a fairytale utopia for history lovers. It has some of the world’s largest exhibits. However one section of this museum will probably be of a lot more fascination for science lovers. This is the air and space exhibit which contains many famous and historically important things such as real life NASA space crafts and things that returned on visits from the moon. How cool is that.