Trip to Washington, DC

Washington is one of the oldest civilized cities in the country and some of the important and vintage buildings can be seen in the city. The city got its name from the very first President of The United States of America known as George Washington.

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Some of the most important and must visit places in the Washington DC

1. Capitol building

Capital building is recognized as a symbol of the United states of America, as most of the politicians like state representatives, senators and mayors sit in the building to attend meetings. The dome is called as the St. Peter’s dome and stands as a symbol of all the other buildings. The building has been developed over a period of time and every President takes oath before starting their tenure as the President of the United States.

2. The White House

The white house is the official house or a residence of The President, where every president stays during their tenure. The white house has been used by every president except the very first president known as George Washington, since the building was not constructed during his tenure. It was originally built in 1792 by James Hoban and was burned by British forces in the year 1814. It took 4 long years to rebuild the house, since the entire country was in debt because of Civil wars.

3. The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln memorial is one of the popular locations to look at, as the memorial is huge and is dedicated to late Ibrahim Lincoln. Ibrahim Lincoln was one of the most popular president of the United States of America and he is popular for abolishing slavery in the country and managed to handle all the states in the country during Civil Wars. The country was called as America and it turned out to be the United states of America after the end of the Civil war and the major amount of credit goes to Ibrahim Lincoln, the then president.

4. Washington Monument

The Washington Monument looks very simple in pictures, as we will not be able to evaluate the height of the monument. When we see the monument in real, we get to experience a gigantic memorial in the middle of the park. Building Washington monument was started in the year 1783 and finished in the year 1885.