Tips To Choosing The Best Tent

Today, there are plenty of models and makes of tents. When it comes to tent size, this is often described by the maximum number of individuals it can accommodate. Of course, the smaller the tent, fewer people can be accommodated.

Different Tent Fabrics

Tents can be made out of different fabrics nowadays, not only traditional canvas.

Canvas – Cotton is an excellent material for making high quality tents. But it is somewhat rare these days. Its main disadvantage is its weight compared with manmade, modern fabrics. Still, nothing can beat the wonderful smell inside a tent made of cotton. The cotton naturally breathes; hence, it is less susceptible to condensation than modern fabrics.

PVC Coated Canvas Tents – PVC is used for coating to make tents strong and waterproof. The only disadvantage of these is the added weight and the tendency for condensation to form on the plastic coated fabric. Bear in mind that condensation can become a huge problem with any coated fabric; hence, ventilation is very important in tents.

Polycotton Canvas Tents – This natural cotton blended with polyester can provide a lighter fabric with similar length. Similar to cotton, this can be used uncoated but must be treated for it to repel water.

Polyester – This comes with various coatings. Most manufacturers offer their own coatings with various names. It is very crucial to look for a breathable coating that will let air through but not moisture. This material does not get baggy or shrink when it gets wet. Also, it is not affected much by sunlight.

Nylon – This is the cheapest and simplest tent material. However, it does not absorb water. And this means that the fabric can be made lighter. Moreover, it is attacked by ultra violet light; hence, a very strong sunlight will shorten its lifespan. This effect can be reduced with special light filter coatings.

If you are looking for a tent fabric that is fireproof, there is none yet. Most tent makers may claim that their fabrics are fire retardant but bear in mind that all tents will burn. Hence, you must never use any tool with open flames.

Tents For Events

Events being held outdoors must consider the use of big tents. This will make sure that no matter what the weather may be, attendees will still feel comfortable. After all, the weather can become unfriendly after minutes or hours even when the sun is shining brightly at this hour.