Onda Coolwave Singapore for body contouring

The skin’s ability to “bounce back” after major weight loss is influenced by various factors, including age, sun exposure, and even genes. Sagging and burdensome skin may be a problem for many individuals as their bodies become smaller. The additional skin of many men and women makes them seem overweight even if they have successfully lost weight, and even if they are physically healthy, the excess girth restricts movement. Several additional advantages may be gained through body contouring operations, including removing extra skin.


It is a Multi-application, revolutionary treatment that simultaneously targets localized fat deposits and cellulite while promoting skin tightness for a three-fold toning effect. Body shaping technology developed in Europe is used in ONDA Coolwaves. With a 10-minute treatment and no perceptible pain, this cutting-edge therapy is great for people who want to accomplish full-body toning or tighten particular regions.

There are several places where the ONDA Coolwaves can penetrate deeply and efficiently remove localized fat pockets. These include the belly, thighs, hips, arms, hips, double chin, and even the hips. The total body contouring effect is achieved by eliminating fat, reducing cellulite, and tightening the skin.

How does ONDA COOLWAVES work?

This technology removes adipose cells increases cellular metabolism and collagen synthesis to reshape the body’s contours, making the torso seem slimmer. To dissolve localized fat deposits, it breaks down the cell membranes of the subcutaneous adipose cells. The lysate is broken down and excreted by the body’s natural processes (lipolysis).

The “orange peel” sensation is lessened because it stimulates the connective tissue around the cellulite adipose lobules. Tightening and toning the tissue occurs due to the contraction of collagen fibers in the dermis.


Many Singaporeans choose cryolipolysis, or fat freezing procedures, over standard liposuction since they use just chilly technology to burn off fat cells and allow your body’s organic process to take over.

ONDA MICRO COOLWAVES Singapore is a treatment in which body cells are reduced in certain body areas while skin is remodeled and tightened. Non-invasive coolwave energy is used to firm up the body’s tissues, and the benefits last.

A single treatment might last up to 60 minutes, and it may take longer to see results if you have more than one area you’d want to focus on. In addition, larger body regions, such as your back, might take longer to show effects:

Here are few pros of ONDA Coolwave Singapore:

  • Fat freezing procedures are less invasive than liposuction and may be performed in the comfort of your own home. After your treatment, you’ll be able to go back to work the same day or the next. Low or no downtime is also a contributing factor.
  • Applicators for fat freezing devices like the Cooltech Ice Sculpt come in various sizes and may be used on any portion of the body, making it possible to target specific areas. After the applicator has been positioned on the treatment region by a trained professional, it will begin to operate, pulling on the skin and delivering cold energy to kill the fat cells under your skin.
  • The suction of the applicators has been characterized as manageable by those who have had the procedure.

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