Travel To the Incredible Island: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is prominent for its natural paradise and rich heritage since time immemorial. The spellbinding charm of the island has always bewitched travelers. I remember when I went to this exotic destination for the first time it was the tranquil splendor of the beaches that swept me off my feet. Every beautiful destination on this island, which is naturally made, has some magnetizing effect that attracts the travelers. Therefore, people are often quoted saying that Sri Lanka, the teardrop island is mystically mesmerizing. Even the geographical setting makes it one of the most distinctive islands of the world. The shape of this exotic island is that of a drop. The Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait affirms to be the line of severance for Sri Lanka and the Indian subcontinent. This line of separation gives an illusion that Sri Lanka is a drop of land which is falling from India into the Indian Ocean. In my case, this unique setting intrigued me the most and instantly made the decision to visit this glorious island.

The mesmerizing charm of Sri Lanka is beyond verbal description. The article is, therefore, a futile attempt to describe its incredible features. To let you understand its magnificence, I am writing about the places which one should explore during their vacations in Sri Lanka. The best way is to travel to Sri Lanka, uncover its features and discover the island in your own idiosyncratic ways. For those who are a bit hesitant to try it out single handedly, we are here. The morning here brings light and makes it travel through the glorious mountains which then touch the pristine beaches. The beaches drench themselves in the divine light and glistens like an untouched jewel. So start your excursion with the first ray of the sun and explore some wondrous vistas which have the capacity to magnetize one’s soul.

Sri Lanka, apart from the wonders of nature, is famous for the vibrant culture of its cities. Colombo is one such destination which affirms to be the national capital of the island. It is the commercial capital also which makes it the busiest city of the island. You can overlook its vibrant culture if you are a nature lover like me and focus on the breathtaking view of tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean with its fascinating beaches. The next destination is Bentota which is prominent for bestowing luxury holidays in the most tranquil ambiance of the island. The city apart from a significant historical background comprises majestic landscapes. For adventure travelers, Hikkaduwa’s coral reefs off the shore will prove to be the most invigorating. Ratnapura is popular for it eternal waterfalls and Adam’s peak is the landmark of the island with being an oasis of tranquility.