Le Corbier: The Perfect Resort For a First School Ski Trip

Skiing offers a fun, adventurous and challenging activity for students, and with the wealth of excellent school ski trip destinations on offer, there is plenty of choice. The range of resorts available is especially valuable for schools planning their first such trip, or groups with a large number of students who have never skied before. The first time can be exhilarating and daunting in equal measure, and choosing a destination with plenty of beginner-friendly slopes and a safe resort environment can make all the difference.

Le Corbier in France is frequently rated as an excellent choice for beginners, with plenty of gentle slopes to start off on, while still being varied enough to suit intermediate and advanced skiers. If you’re planning on taking your students skiing, and are seeking a good resort, read on to learn more about what makes Le Corbier special.

The Location

Le Corbier’s location is one of its most immediately appealing aspects for those seeking a suitable school ski trip destination. It is situated in the Les Sybelles ski area, which covers a significant portion of French Alps in the Savoie section of the Rhône-Alpes region. The gentle sweep of the mountains in this area provides the perfect setting for a ski resort suited to all levels, as the number of long and broad Blue runs can attest. The sight of pristine, snow-capped mountains stretching out on either side, the typically sunny weather, and the welcoming ambience of Savoie culture, all combine to add to the area’s appeal. The fourth largest of France’s ski resorts, Le Corbier promises good variety, and students will never feel that they have run out of new routes to try; while the surrounding villages, including Les Albiez, St Jean d’Arves and St Sorlin d’Arves – as well as Le Corbier itself – offer a taste of Savoyard Alpine life.

On the Slopes

A good school ski trip requires top skiing facilities, and Le Corbier provides that with an excellent integrated lift system, allowing skiers to get back to the top of the slopes quickly, and providing efficient links with other resorts in the area. This is especially beneficial for intermediate students wishing to venture beyond the pistes they have already explored. There are, in total, 310 kilometres of ski routes available in Le Corbier, with the longest run at almost three kilometres.

Leisure Activites

After an invigorating day spent on the slopes, it is important to wind down – either by relaxing or changing the pace with a different kind of activity. The Le Corbier area provides plenty of age-appropriate opportunities for young people on a school ski trip – including ice skating, bowling, swimming, karaoke and discos, as well as good food and comfortable hotel facilities to help regain energy for another day on the mountains.